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    Fans criticize Free Fire for “copying” the PUBG Mobile hawk

    O novo pet do Free Fire is generating controversy. The reason? The new hawk reminded players of PUBG Mobile.

    The bird in PUBG Mobile was added in May 2019. However, only at the end of last year, it became a pet that could be used throughout the game.

    The controversy began when one of the main Free Fire news channels, the Free Fire Mania website, used PUBG Mobile screenshoots to illustrate how the new pet would work. In fact, the new Free Fire hawk, at least in the publicity image, does not look anything like the one from PUBG Mobile.

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    The differences go beyond appearances. The pet in PUBG has only aesthetic function. The new Free Fire pet has an ability that helps with gameplay. The new Falcon uses the “glide” ability to help players glide in the air longer and also to descend faster in the arena.

    Players are also complaining about the pet's ability, which will become "useless" as the glider will exit Ranked mode.

    The new Free Fire pet is now available on the Advanced Server:

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