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    Fallen World comes to Android (APK)

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    Fallen World (formerly Fall World) has just been released on Android. The survival game mixes elements of Durango and Last Day on Earth and delivers gameplay that focuses on survivor, but also has an exciting story.

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    In this competitive game with online multiplayer, the player must survive on a planet Earth devastated and dominated by dinosaurs. The story is not set in the past, but in the future. A war caused some humans to be frozen, only waking up thousands of years later.

    In addition to dinosaurs, Fallen World has aliens and zombies. A complete package of threats that need to be overcome, but first you need to eat, drink water and, of course, build a shelter.

    – Fallen World is a Durango with zombies and Dinosaurs

    The gameplay style is very reminiscent of Last Day on Earth. In the beginning, your main mission is to create a shelter and protect it from the zombie hordes. But then, the game has a second part that reminds a lot of Durango (Nexon), where the player can tame dinosaurs and face missions in the best Online RPG style.

    Competitive mode could not be left out. Players can join guilds and face other players in epic battles.

    Fallen World arrives in a genre already saturated with many games. However, it has very interesting elements, a bit of history and a mix of gameplay that can attract players looking for a different challenge. Are they facing the successor to Last Day on Earth? At least the game already has real multiplayer.

    Link to Download the APK

    Link to Download on Android

    Developer: Zeus Game
    Advertising: Yes | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4
    Language: English | Size: 100 MB

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