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    Fall Guys Android: Similar game has “multiplayer” and several modes! Download now!

    Fall Dudes 3D it's a jquality for Android that reminds a lot Fall Guys. The game has mode multiplayer to even 40 opponents. There are several stages, elimination system, all very similar to the success of the Fall Guys moment.

    Fall Dudes 3D was released the day after Fall Guys. The Android game already had the “Capture the Tail” mode but won other tests / mini games recently. The scheme is the same as the well-known Playstation 4 and PC game, but with a difference. The game is completely free.

    In fact, we had already introduced Fall Dudes in our previous post. The problem is that the producer PepUp Studios released the game with the same name as the success of the PS4 and PC, a common mistake, but one that can be fatal for a small producer.

    Changed the name and some assets, you can be inspired by any game without problems, just don't use the same name and don't leave the game "too much the same".

    Fall Dudes 3D is the best Fall Guys-style game for Android today.

    So far, Fall Dudes 3D has the following proofs:

    • Tail Tag: Capture opponents' Tails.
    • Door Dash: try your luck and choose the right door.
    • Block Party: Try to stay on the platform by choosing the right fruit combination.
    • Fall Ball: Roll the ball at your enemies to earn points.

    UPDATE: The game is actually offline!

    Guys, sorry for the blunder. I tested the game and found that it was online and that it created the players' names randomly. However, it was only later that I realized that the game is actually OFFLINE. There is no multiplayer mode yet. All “players” are actually game-controlled npcs.

    Gradually, more and more minigames and new modes are being added.


    Fall Dudes 3D is a free game to download and play. Below, you can see both the Google Play link and the APK link. The APK is already to prevent the game from being removed from the app store again.

    GOOGLE PLAY (Android)


    Developer: PepUp Studios
    Advertising: Yes | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 7.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 76 MB

    *To install the APK from the APK Pure website, you will need the XAPK installer.

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