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    FAKE! COD Mobile missed $10 billion in 2020

    Recent news has been misinterpreted by many Spanish websites.

    The news in question suggests that Call of Duty Mobile earned about $10 billion dollars only in 2020. However, this information is WRONG.

    When analyzing the source of the news that was shared (Reuters), one can see a misinterpretation to emphasize Call of Duty Mobile.

    The original news says that “THE STUDIO of Cod Mobile made nearly $10 billion in 2020.”

    So, it's not the game alone that made that amount. Not even most of it.

    The studio in question is none other than the Timi Studio da Tencent Games.

    The Reuters article highlights two games, among many others, that generated this revenue: Honor of Kings e Call of Duty Mobile.

    As COD Mobile is a better known name around here, many sites have associated billing with COD, as Honor of Kings is a little known name around here.

    It turns out that Honor of Kings is the Chinese version of Arena of Valor. The MOBA game is the most successful mobile game in China since 2015.

    In addition to COD Mobile and Honor of Kings, Timi Studio is behind several other famous games like Saint Seiya: Awakening and Pokémon UNITE.

    According to several other analysis sites Sensor Tower and Statista show that Honor of Kings kept the lead in revenue throughout 2020.

    Fontes: Reuters , Statista, Sensor Tower  e Screenrant

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