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    Fading City: game apelidado de “The Last of Us Mobile” surge na Google Play

    A NetEase Games started beta testing Fading City (Formerly City) open world game that many gamers have been dubbed “The Last of Us Mobile”. the game for Android and iOS can be downloaded in the United States and Canada, however, at the moment, only the Android version (APK) is available for testing.


    The game's APK can be found directly on its official website and on Google Play. Fading City will be in testing until January 22nd.

    Fading City is a cooperative open world game where players will find themselves in the abandoned city “the Weidu City”. A scene of devastation with many zombies and a mysterious toxic cloud.

    Players need to explore the abandoned city looking for resources. Along the way, there will be many zombies, strange creatures and humans with their own interesting ones in this apocalypse.

    Trailer de Fading City:

    This isn't Fading City's first beta test. The game was already in beta testing in China in October 2021. The novelty of this test is the localization. With the addition of the English language, this indicates that the game is close to its global release.

    What is Fading City's gameplay like?

    In the game, a group of 2 or 4 players will play together in cooperative mode and explore the game's city. The beginning of the game is heavily story driven. O

    The gameplay mixes elements of puzzle, exploration and zombie combat. It reminds a lot of the gameplay of a single player game, but with a cooperative mode.

    After a few minutes the game opens up for exploration and we get that “we've seen this before” feeling. The game now focuses on building a shelter and collecting resources. Of course, everything can change with the late game.

    Requirements to play Fading City

    Fading City has arrived demanding a lot from smartphones. Developed in Unreal Engine 4, the game is very heavy and will not run on any cell phone.

    The minimum requirements for this test released by NetEase Games are quite demanding.

    To play on Android you must have at least one smartphone with a Snapdragon 855 processor or higher. On iOS, the game requires at least an iPhone XR. Check out the minimum and recommended requirements to play.

    Compatible Android phones:

    • POCO F3 or higher
    • POCO X3 ou superior
    • Samsung S10 Lite
    • Mi 10 superior egg
    • Redmi K40 (K40+ e K40 Pro)
    • Realme gt
    • Realme X50 Pro
    • Asus ROG ROG Phone 3 or higher
    • Asus ZenFone 8

    Other smartphones with similar configuration will be compatible without problems.

    Compatible iPhones:

    • iPhone XR
    • iPhone SE 2020
    • iPhone 11 or higher
    • iPhone XS Max
    • iPhone 12 or higher
    • iPhone 13 or higher

    Where to download Fading City

    Fading City can be found, in Android version, directly from the game's official website. You can download the APK from there and play without any problems. If many error messages appear, use a VPN to play.

    There is no trial version for iOS yet, only for Android.



    Developer: NetEase Games
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 8.0
    Language: English | Size: 6 GB

    *Only available in countries where beta testing is available.

    [originally published January 8, 2022]

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