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    F1 Mobile Racing is released on Android (APK)

    F1 Mobile Racing, one of the best racing games of 2018, has just arrived on Android. The free mobile game first came to iOS, but is now also available on Google's platform.

    However, compatibility has scared gamers. The game requires at least a Snapdragon 845. That's right! Just the most powerful processor today. But that's just the "requirement" on Google Play, little by little the game will be released for more devices.

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    But calm down. The game is still in the process of optimizing on Android. Therefore, the producer had the good idea of ​​launching it first "from top to bottom", contemplating first on more powerful devices and making adjustments for subsequent updates on less powerful devices.

    In addition, many Android players are complaining about Matchmaking problems, that is, the game has problems finding matches against other players. When this is not the case, the game server simply crashes.

    Anyway, F1 Mobile Racing is still in the process of “adaptation” on Android. However, I thought it was wrong for the producers not to put it as “Soft Launch” with the inscription (Unreleased).

    Link to Download on Android

    Link to Download APK 2 (Pure APK)

    Developer: CodeMasters
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4
    Language: Spanish | Size: 780MB

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