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    Eve of Evolution (EOE): NetEase's new survival game mixes action and science fiction

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    Eve of Evolution (E.O.E) is a futuristic-themed sandbox survival game developed by NetEase Games. O new game to Android, iOS e PC it's at beta test in our United States and Canada. The test goes to January 25th.

    NetEase seems to be working even with a new Fading City engine. Just like the other survival game (plus one), EOE requires a very powerful smartphone.

    The story

    Eve of Evolution (EOE) has a pretty crazy plot and at times it will remind you of Death Stranding and Control (Consoles and PC).

    The planet was invaded by a stellar mist that caused people to die and emerge to be giants that walk the earth. Few people survived, but those who didn't kick the bucket are now fighting for crumbs while governments try to pretend that everything is normal.

    Seriously, it has everything. It references Death Stranding, Control and even Siren Head. It seems that NetEase kept an eye on all the trends in horror and suspense in games and decided to throw everything into Eve of Evolution (EOE).

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    How to play Eve of Evolution (EOE)

    Eve of Evolution (EOE) is only available on Google Play in the US and Canada. To play, you need to create a new Google Play account in those countries and log in via VPN.

    The game mixes like few others action and survival. It's not entirely survival-focused like games like Ark and it's not entirely story-focused like Fading City either.

    Requirements to play Eve of Evolution (EOE)

    Eve of Evolution (EOE) requires at least an Android smartphone or tablet with a Snapdragon 845 processor or higher.

    The game weighs about 7 GB. That's right, the game is very heavy not only in terms of processing requirements, but also in size.


    If you don't want to mess with VPN and are going to wait for the game to be released even in Spain, you can pre-register here or follow the game on social networks like Facebook or Discord.

    Social networks:


    After its mysterious silver entrance opened, disaster came to this world. The human world has fallen into the invasion of Stardust pollution and abnormal forms. For 4 decades, human beings have been struggling to survive on earth. Until… You wake up. Some notable people called “transcendents” appeared in this last world. From the desolation you gradually accumulated the survival time, healed the land contaminated by Stardust in . per inch, and recaptured one by one of the sites of human civilization occupied by deformities.

    -You are the survivor in the wilderness
    Most of the land, under the pollution of Stardust, has become a wilderness area that is difficult for humans to use, and is spread by all teratogens and dangerous creatures. In this hostile environment, surveyors need to be 100 times careful to acquire available materials from contaminated water and soil and survive from one minute to the next.

    -You are the soldier fighting disaster
    The particular catastrophe of Stardust spawned countless creatures, which occupied almost the entire world. We must reclaim the homeland of their humanity! Although the transformation has always considered the human as a victim, now, transcendent, now we have you… It's time for you to become a hunter.

    -You are the builder of civilization
    Yes, brick by brick, from a house to a city and, finally, the entire civil society of humanity. Grief four nearly annihilated the remaining space of human memory from earlier times, but you still keep it in mind. You must not only tell laggards about prosperity, but also prospect them to repeat it.

    -You are the transcendent of human progression
    Exactly what is the fact of tragedy? Perhaps there is some secret to the complete cure of particle pollution in the mysterious Rosetta base? To know this, it is not enough to rely on the strength of an individual. You need to bring together all those who speak of the same beliefs – transcendent and ordinary people – to explore the mysteries of destruction and evolution.

    When will Eve of Evolution (EOE) be released?

    NetEase does not yet have a release date for Eve of Evolution (EOE). But the game looks ready and tests show that it is quite stable. The test already in the United States shows that NetEase intends to launch the game in the West soon.

    Most likely, Eve of Evolution (EOE) will be released in 2022.

    Gameplay video:

    Google Play link*

    *USA Google Play link. You must use VPN to view.

    Developer: NetEase
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0
    Language: English | Size: 7 GB

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