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    Evan's Remains: an excellent offline puzzle (free to try)

    Evan's Remains is a game of puzzle and puzzle that recently arrived at Google Play and that it's free to download and play (up to a point).

    The game encourages the player to participate in an adventure of a lost girl on a strange island. What is this island? Who is Evan? What are monoliths?

    Unlike other puzzle games, Evan's Remains focuses on this story and makes a very well done hook and a part of that adventure.

    It is precisely on this hook that the game reveals itself to be a premium (paid) game offered in a “free to test” style. The complete game costs R$ 26,99.

    In reality, Evan's Remains is not a new game. It was originally released in 2020 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PCs.

    The fact that the game is paid is not a negative thing, but it would be “good manners” to make it clear in the description of the game on Google Play that it is “free to try” or “free to start”.

    It's not our complaint, it's okay for the game to be paid, but many unsuspecting users can be taken by surprise when they come across the "pay wall", and then evaluate the game negatively.

    Speaking of gameplay, in Evan's Remains you control a girl and make her jump on platforms that change with each jump. When jumping on a platform, the previous one disappears or is reactivated when jumping on the next platform. In addition to portals and other mechanics that will complement this gameplay. Allied to that, we have a very well-placed story that fortunately is in Spanish.

    Evan's Remains is available in Spanish and is a light game and very enjoyable to play. The adventure is a little short. In just over 3 hours, you can reach the end of the game.


    Developer: Whitethorn Games
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.1
    Language: Spanish | Size: 115 MB

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