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    Escape hell Island: WORST MOBILE GAME of 2022?

    It's the middle of February 2022 and it looks like developers have started releasing games in full swing on the app stores. As you can imagine, not everything that is released is good. Escape hell Island is a good reminder that trailers and images can be deceiving.

    The new shooter for Android and iOS, Escape Hell Island, seems to easily break any scale of “badness”.

    There is no shortage of words to define how Escape Hell Island is a game that looks amazing in the trailers, but horrible in the gameplay. Newcomer Dog On God's gane is one of the worst experiences available in early access.

    What seemed to be a promising Battle Royale, turns out to be a simply dreadful game, with “damaged” movement and full of bugs.

    The game appeared on Tap Tap about 2 days ago and as you can imagine, the screenshoots and trailer caught the attention of the crowd.

    But a quick glance at the top 10 of the “hot games” lists is enough to see that something is wrong. Escape hell Island is in third place, but with a rating of 3.7/10.

    What's wrong with Escape hell Island?

    Escape Hell Island is what you might call a pre-alpha put into production. The game is very, very far from being finished. There are hundreds of collision bugs. Weapon activation bugs, backpacks, characters movement. The game jump is ridiculous, it looks like the character is on the moon.

    As if that weren't enough, the game's concept is quite exaggerated. There are a multitude of slots for item selection. Weapons are of the most varied types, from firearms to torches and spears.

    Each time the character is born, he is already born with a set of weapons. Imagine in a firefight, you start with a sword and shield?

    The command to collect weapons and ammo also has a bug.

    Anyway, as I always say whenever I see a disaster like this: “there is a lot of work to be done”.

    As it stands, Escape hell Island is a serious contender for the worst mobile game of 2022.

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