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    End of the hype? Free Fire even loses to a makeup game on Google Play Spain

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    It will be that everything hype and hype around the game of Free Fire Battle Royale is ending. Since a peak of interest in late September and early October, due to the launch of Free Fire Max, Garena’s game has plummeted from “Em Alta” on Google Play in Spain, dropping to seventh position.

    We are not talking about the “new games on the rise” tab, but the classic “on the rise” tab of Google Play, one that Free Fire has always dominated.

    Since October, the game has fallen in the interest of Android users in Spain and with that other titles have taken the top positions. In recent weeks, with the release of Thetan Arena, other games have pushed Garena's game further and further down.

    Casual games like Makeup Master: Beauty Salon, Poppy Rope Game and Race Master 3D surpassed Free Fire in the most downloaded games of the week. But wait, there's more.

    Free Fire came to occupy the eighth position, but returned to seventh place.

    metaverse on the way

    If there's a hype that can dethrone Free Fire from Google Play, that hype is the metaverse. A proof of this are the games that have appeared in front of Garena's game in recent days.

    In addition to the aforementioned casual games, games with NFT or with Metaverse concepts soared on Google Play. It is enough to get some news that in a game it is possible to earn money playing, that the game downloads go to heights.

    The year 2022 promises to be one of big announcements in the NFT and Metaverse games business. Many new features will be announced and most of these games will also be available on cell phones.

    Free Fire has already turned around before

    It is worth remembering that this situation has happened before. In 2019, Free Fire plummeted in the number of downloads worldwide.

    Nowadays the situation of Garena's most important game is much better than in 2019. Free Fire still has an absurd amount of simultaneous players. Up to 150 million players per day accessed the game in August 2021.

    And you, what do you think? Is it time for Free Fire to start losing strength? In 2022 will we have another year with Battle Royale dominating the world of mobile gaming? Leave a comment.


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