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    Elite Squad Mobile FPS é o novo Call of Duty Mobile?

    The mobile game trailer appeared on the internet Elite Squad Mobile FPS. It was enough for everyone to scratch their heads the way we did at the time of the launch of PUBG Mobile. This is due to the fact that the game presented in the trailer resembles Call of Duty a lot, but the graphics look dated and the gameplay is very different from what was suggested before.

    The trailer is all in English, and highlights the variety of gameplay for each agent. The soldiers, as well as the scenarios, are very reminiscent of Call of Duty. However, at the end of the trailer, the name of the game is different: Elite Squad Mobile FPS.

    – Trailer would be a canceled version!

    There is no way of knowing Tencent and Timi Studio's plans at this time. There is no official pronouncement, and everything that has emerged so far on the internet has been through leaks. However, it is evident that the new leaked video (above) is very different from the previous video (this one).

    According to rumors, Elite Squad Mobile FPS is actually a canceled version of a game by Tencent that would be an unofficial mix between Call of Duty and Counter Strike. The title was in production when Tencent acquired the distribution rights for Call of Duty, which resulted in the game's cancellation.

    But this is all rumour. Let's wait to see some official announcement.

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