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    EGG NS: Switch emulator can now run The Witcher 3 on Android

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    O EGG NSthe Nintendo Switch emulator for Android received another update. This time, the emulator achieves an incredible feat, which is being able to open and run the game The Witcher 3.

    Again the update came in the form of an internal update. When opening the emulator, it displays an update message.

    In addition to better performance with the GameSir X3 Control, the emulator has gained several improvements.

    The improvements already allow open The Witcher 3 game in emulator.

    It is worth remembering that the game is not yet “100%” playable, but it already starts and can run at 15-20 FPS on smartphones with Snapdragon 855.

    Who brought the information was the excellent channel “Senhor Linguiça”. A Spanish YouTube channel with emulation-only content.


    In addition, the emulator won versions for Huawei phones with the HarmonyOS system and Kirin processors. Thus, the emulator becomes one of the first to present full compatibility with the Chinese manufacturer's cell phones.

    Is it already possible to emulate heavy Nintendo Switch games on Android?

    In case you didn't already know, it's already possible to run several heavy Nintendo Switch games on Android. All you need to do is have a powerful smartphone and download the EGG NS emulator.

    The EGG NS can already run heavy games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Naruto Ninja Storm 4 and can open the game The Witcher 3. It's still not possible to play in an acceptable way (30 FPS at least), but the emulator can already run the game at 20 FPS on some devices.

    The emulator requires an internet connection and to play without GameSir controls you have to pay. Yes, I know it's something very questionable, but unfortunately this emulator, the EGG NS, is way ahead of Skyline in terms of performance and hacks that improve the emulation.

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