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    EGG NS: Nintendo Switch emulator will be released on Google Play

    O EGG NS, controversial Nintendo Switch emulator for Android is getting ready to arrive on Google Play. According to the mysterious group that develops the emulator, it will arrive in the Android app store next week and… it will be PAID!

    Who announced the news was the developers themselves through the social networks of the emulator. According to them, you will no longer have to worry about payment methods, as the emulator will be sold on Google Play.

    It was not informed whether the price shown in the post on social media refers to a one-time payment or a monthly fee.

    For those who don't know, this emulator was previously sold through a monthly fee and allowed to play with on-screen commands or with any type of Bluetooth / USB controller.

    EGG NS is getting ready to hit Google Play. (Photo: Reproduction).

    The only way to play this emulator “for free” is when using it with a GameSir X2 or X3 controller (Pro versions still don't work natively).

    With the arrival of the emulator on Google Play, there is also the question of whether it will be offline or if it will continue to be an online emulator. Yes, in case you didn't know, this weird emulator requires a constant internet connection).


    EGG NS is still the best Nintendo Switch emulator for Android

    Despite the great advances of Skyline, an open source emulator, and therefore free, EGG NS remains the best Nintendo Switch emulator, and one of the most controversial as well.

    For now, EGG NS is only available on emulator official website.

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