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    Egg NS Nintendo Switch Emulator for Android? What is known so far!

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    Several videos have appeared on the internet showing the emulador Egg NS running games from Nintendo Switch on a smartphone Android.

    What is most impressive is the quality of the emulation. Everything runs very well, even too well. And that has raised some questions from players. Is the emulator real? See what is known so far.

    Yes, the emulator is real!

    Egg NS is an emulator that can run some of the Nintendo Switch on Android. However, the way it was presented, left many doubts in the air.

    To play on the emulator, you need a specific controller. Apparently, it requires the Gamesir X2, a telescopic controller that makes the smartphone look like a Nintendo Switch.

    Have you ever seen an emulator that requires specific control? Very strange!

    – Games run well on the Nintendo Switch emulator for Android?

    In the emulator's presentation videos, you can see games like Hollow Knight running (apparently) from an Android phone.

    What is strange, is that everything is running well... too well. Check out!

    This Youtube user posted a video playing Super Mario Odyssey and Pokémon Sword and Shield

    This is the first version of the emulator and it already runs games extremely quickly. At frame rates above 40fps. Which is pretty impressive for a first build.

    According to the description of the video page on Youtube, the emulator is running well because the smartphone is a Samsung S20 Ultra (with Snapdragon 865).

    – What the official emulator page says

    According to the page that appears to be “official” for the emulator, the studio behind the emulator is NXTeam Studios. They are located in the United States and have been studying Nintendo hardware since its launch in 2017.

    – Internet reception

    Internet reception was mixed!

    Some users suspect that the studio has “borrowed” emulator code Yuzu from Windows. This PC emulator, already well known, can run many Switch games, but it is worth remembering that it does not require a very powerful computer. Yuzu is free and open source, anyone can download the source code and fork the emulator.

    Our suspicion is that the studio behind the emulator is actually Chinese and is the same studio that created Happy Chick. The appearance of the emulator logo is very reminiscent of the classic Chinese emulator. In addition, some translation errors on the game's official page weigh in on this aspect. This is something very common to happen with Chinese games and software. In this case, they put a password to download on Baidu Drive (?) and translated “password” as “code”(?).

    From the way it was presented, it looks like the Egg NS emulator was created by the same developers as Happy Chick.

    But to sum it up, it's too early to tell if the story of this emulator is real or not. I wish I had a GameSir X2 to test.

    Place to download the emulator (direct links):


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