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    Egg NS 2.1.1: How is the Switch emulator for Android a year later

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    Egg NS emulator, also known as Nintendo Switch Emulator to Android, has been heavily talked about since its release. The emulator is constantly evolving, but there are still controversies and misinformation about it. See how he is a year later.

    Emulator shrouded in controversy

    Since its launch, Egg NS has been one of the most talked about topics in the mobile gamer sphere. After all, an emulator that can play Nintendo Switch games on your smartphone is pretty impressive.

    One of the main controversies involving the emulator is the need to purchase a Joystick Gamesir X2 Type-c controller. But this is not just the only controversy.

    Famous games still don't work right

    João Batista, our narrator, acquired this control for review and was impressed with the quality of the emulation. The emulator's ability to compile shaders is absurd, everything is done very quickly. However, after a few hours of playing, he realized that not everything is perfect.

    Even after a year of its release, and even with the 2.1.1 update, the emulator has problems in several famous games. There are few games that run completely, in other words, games that you will be able to play from start to finish without problems.

    In short, the latest updates have brought compatibility and improvements for less powerful smartphones, but these improvements are in indie games. The games that people are most looking for are still “playable” (with lots of quotes), only on high-end devices.

    Because of this, many users are disappointed, as they buy the Gamesir X2 controller expecting a “playable” emulation in famous games. But what happens is that these games run fine for a few minutes.

    In addition to needing a powerful smartphone, with at least a Snapdragon 855 processor, ideally being the current top, the 888, the Egg NS closes, out of nowhere, in many games.

    Many games close (forced close) for no apparent reason.


    So if you think you are going to buy the controller and check out games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath to the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and many others from Nintendo, in full, you can take the “rain horse ”. These games run fine — for a few minutes — then they crash or get to a part they don't emulate at all.

    Only those who have a Snapdragon 888 will be able to enjoy games like Mario Kart 8 or Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. The "Zeldas"? Even in version 2.1.1, they are playable for a few minutes, and that's where Youtubers' lack of ethics comes in. Many edit the videos showing only the playable parts and forget to tell you that the emulator crashes a lot in these games.

    The emulator developer doesn't make it clear which games are compatible (really). The list of supported games has not been updated for a year.

    EGG NS 2.1.1 and its development

    The latest version of the Switch emulator for Android has brought many improvements, it is true, including support for older versions of Android, including 9. However, it is always worth mentioning that you need to have a high-end processor to run games.

    The development of this emulator is one of the darkest things in the current emulation scene. Something that is very reminiscent of the DamonPS2 emulator.

    EGG NS uses open source Yuzu emulator. For those who don't know, Yuzu is a Switch emulator that was developed by the same team as Citra (Nintendo DS).

    Apparently, the folks at NXTeam Studios adapted Yuzu's code for Android and placed the need for a specific control in it. This seems to be true, as it only takes an update from Yuzu and the same news arrives at Egg NS.

    List of Egg NS most compatible games.

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