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    EA Removes All Tetris Games From iOS and Android (Update)

    EA has removed all of its Tetris games from Google Play and the App Store. According to The Verge website, the company lost the trademark rights that now belong to N3TWORK.

    Thereby, Tetris Premium, Tetriz 2011 e Tetris Blitz, all premium and offline, have been removed from Google Play and App Store. They are still only available to those who have purchased them before.

    – What about Tetris Royale?

    Tetris Royale is due for release for Android and iOS on April 21st. The game will be a multiplayer game with up to 100 players, all facing each other in a match for points to see who stays alive at the end.

    In Tetris Royale, it will also be possible to play alone, but it is not yet clear whether the “Solo” mode will be offline. We will only know when the game finally comes to Android and iOS.

    Link do Tetris Royale na Google Play

    For now the game is not yet available in Spain.

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