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    EA Mobile acquires CHILLINGO, mobile game developer

    After Tappulous was acquired by Disney, NGMOCO:) by a Japanese company, it was time for Chillingo, a major producer of mobile games, amid its recent success as a distributor (that's right, it was produced by "Rovio" and released by Chillingo) from “Angry Birds” and many other games like “Cut the Rope”, “PREDATORS”, “Minigore”, “Knight's Rush” and many others…

    Since yesterday there was speculation that it had been acquired by EA, but this morning it was confirmed by the “Wall Street Journal” that Chillingo was acquired by EA for 20 million dollars!

    There's no word on whether Chillingo will produce games under license with EA or if the entire development team has moved to EA Mobile, but Rovio has said it will no longer use Chillingo in its next game, just wait and see...

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