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    E3 2019: War of the Visions Launches Globally for Android and iOS

    War of the Visions is the name of a spin-off of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Square-Enix's most successful mobile game today.

    The game had already been revealed at the end of 2018, but during E3 2019 new details were given such as a release date and confirmation that it will also be released in the west.

    War of the Visions will be released in 2020 with versions for Android and iOS. See the trailer below.

    War of the Visions will be more in the style of Final Fantasy Tactics (which has also come to mobile), however, we can expect the game to have a “gacha” (character collecting) focus, as happened in Brave Exvius.

    Square Enix also touted very common features like “auto mode” and “dual speed mode” to accommodate beginners.

    Other new additions include “Limit Burst” special moves, character abilities, and the classic “Summon system”, where summons like Bahamut and Shiva appear.

    Every character has a job class like Warrior, Lancer, Ninja and many more.

    The game is based on warring nations that start attacking a small country due to its special power that involves the two princes.

    It would be really cool if the story of War of the Visions had a connection with the "Zodiac Braves" of FF Tactics. Does it have?

    Fonte: MMOCulture

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