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    Dysmantle: Steam Survival Game Coming Soon to Android

    The producer 10tons Ltd announced that the survival game  Dysmantle, which is already available on iOS, will arrive at Android coming soon. The title is currently in pre-registration in Taiwan.

    originally released on Steam in November 2021, Dysmantle collects positive reviews with gameplay focused on survival in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

    The name of the game says it all. One of the focuses of the game is crafting, with the possibility of dismantling 99% of the items found.

    Another zombie apocalypse, but this time premium

    Reminds me of Last Day on Earth, right? But calm down, before you do anything else, Dysmantle is a premium buy-once-and-play offline game.

    The plot takes place on an island populated by zombies and other strange creatures. You must stay alive amidst hordes of zombies, destroying everything you see and reusing materials to make new equipment and houses.

    Everything is available, including discarded plastic, rubber and metals. Make good use of them by inventing and creating new products and improvements.

    It's not just survival, there's a story

    The player must explore much further to discover hidden catacombs and minerals with almost supernatural abilities. Make use of them to craft much more powerful gear.

    Discover the technology of the high-tech era to face the undead and the hostile environment by visiting historic ruins scattered across the landscape in key areas.

    An open world to explore and conquer

    Locate camps and outposts to create safe havens for you and your party. Claim abandoned houses and furnish them according to your preferences. Explore, acquire, hunt and solve cryptic puzzles to find a way to finally leave this terrible island.

    Collect their organs to build powerful new equipment, as well as hunt zombies that rush towards you. Hunt or tame animals as you see fit, whether for food or supplies, or to capture for your post-apocalyptic zoo. Make your food by efficient farming. In this post-apocalyptic world, reap what you sow as your crops mature.


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