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    Dysmantle: Offline Survival Game Comes to Android and iOS

    Dysmantle is an amazing survival game developed by 10tons Ltd. Released for consoles in 2020, the game arrived on Google Play and App Store in Spain this week. The game is paid and offline.

    In Dysmantle, the player will experience what it's like to play a good survival game without the tons of power limitations we see today in games like The Last Day on Earth.

    It's even insulting to compare this game with other free to play games, due to the enormous quality that the 10tons studio managed to put here. Literally a State of Decay with an isometric camera.

    The name Dysmantle is not for nothing. In the game, it is possible to disassemble most items and use parts and materials in the construction of other things.


    Video Gameplay:


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    Requirements to play Dysmantle on Android and iOS?

    As a direct conversion from the PC to mobile version, Dysmantle is not exactly a light game. To be able to play satisfactorily, you will need a relatively powerful smartphone. See the recommended requirements to play.


    • Snapdragon 720 or higher
    • 4GB of RAM or more


    • iPhone 6S or Higher

    It's not just survival, it has RPG too!

    Perhaps the coolest part of Dysmantle is the fact that the game surprises you every minute with very cool content and mechanics. The game is not just a survival game, there are also RPG elements like a story with missions and objectives.

    Dysmantle costs BRL 34.99 on Android and BRL 54,90 on iOS. The game is all in Spanish and supports Bluetooth controls.



    Developer: 10Tons
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 11.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 1GB


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