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    Dynasty Legends 2: Action RPG is in testing on Android (APK in English)

    Dynasty Legends 2 is an action RPG that is being tested in Android right now. Despite the totally oriental look and stories, the first game was already released in Spain in 2019. Dynasty Legends 2 already has an English translation, which indicates that this sequel will also arrive soon.

    Inspired by ancient tales from China, Dynasty Legends 2 is very reminiscent of console games like Dynasty Warriors. Legendary warriors will face dozens and even hundreds of enemies at once.

    Players who want to test the game can do so just by downloading the APK from the official website or Google Play in countries like Malaysia (via VPN).


    The gameplay is action-focused, but it's also story-driven (the latter isn't that interesting). It draws attention as the game is similar to the Dynasty Warriors of PlayStation 3 and 4. It is almost a copy, but it is worth remembering that these heroes of Chinese tales do not have "copyright", so any company can make a game about them and the result it will look very similar.

    Ready for the new generation of smartphones

    Dynasty Legends 2 will be released to, according to the producer, fit into the next generation of smartphones. The game, according to the producer, will bring impressive visuals and cutting-edge technology in its graphics.

    In practice this translates into a very heavy and poorly optimized game, even for high-end devices. Right in the introduction, the game does a heavy check of the installation files and this takes a long time, giving the impression that the game has crashed. Let's hope this is fixed in the final version.

    Dynasty Legends 2 is still in beta testing, but it already has English versions, which indicates that a global release could happen as early as 2022.



    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 14.0
    Language: English | Size: 2GB

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