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    Durango: Wild Lands will close in December

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    Durango: Wild Lands is the latest victim of the overhyped hype linked to numerous delays in the release of a game.

    In a note on its official Facebook page, What! Studio and Nexon announced that the servers will shut down on December 19, 2019.


    Greetings, pioneers.

    It is with sadness that we announce to all early adopters that the Durango: Wild Lands game service will end on December 18, 2019 (UTC+9). Check the detailed schedule below.

    To provide the best service until the end of service, Durango: Wild Lands is preparing two more updates.

    Additional announcements about updates will be communicated via in-game notice.

    Schedule Service Termination Schedule

    ▶ October 16, 2019 after maintenance

    * In-app purchases are NO LONGER available.

    ▶ December 18, 2019

    * End of Service

    * Market download is NO LONGER available.

    * Official Forum / Community Closure

    - Hype at the heights

    Durango was one of the most “Hypados” games in recent years in the mobile world, not only in Spain and the West, but also in South Korea. On its launch in Korea, the game was on TV shows and even won a Reality Show and a TV series there.

    But in the West, apart from Spain, the game never had an expected success. Especially on iOS, where Durango was a complete disappointment.

    In the App Store around the world, the game had “only” 40 monthly downloads. Just to give you an idea Last Day on Earth, which is already an outdated title, has over a million monthly downloads.

    Revealed in 2016, Durango was released in South Korea only in January 2018. In Spain, the game officially arrived only in May 2019 and in October it was already doomed to failure. The delay in the western release only made the pain of missing out on this great game stronger.

    Durango's global launch was one of the most confusing in recent times. A TERRIBLE marketing job that resulted in low interest in the game around here.

    I believe that Durango's failure is due to the bad marketing + delayed global release combo. Durango is an excellent game, but it took too long to release. When the game finally arrived, people had already played several similar titles and were already involved with other RPGs and Battle Royales games, for example.

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    Source: Official Page

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