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    Durango went bankrupt three months after launch in the west

    One of the topics that surprised mobile gamers this week was the announcement of the closure of Durango's servers. The game will end in December 2019.

    Now comes new details about this great commercial failure of mobile games. Proof that hype doesn't support any game. Even when he is very good, as was the case with Durango.

    Durango launched globally in May of this year, but was already making a loss just 3 months later. With an aggravating factor, the game was a commercial failure even in its home country, South Korea.

    Why did Nexon decide to end Durango?

    There are many reasons for an online game's servers to shut down. In the case of Durango, “bankruptcy” is directly linked to the amount of money the game generated.

    The structure set up by Nexon was envisioned to house millions of online players. But it became unsustainable because the game generated little money.

    According to estimates by the Sensor Tower website, Durango was already making a loss 3 months after its launch in the west.

    However, the vertiginous fall in the east is also impressive. In South Korea, the game's main breadbasket, where Durango was released a year earlier. The fall was an astronomical thing.

    Durango earned, in South Korea, around US$ 10 million dollars (something like R$ 41 million reais). A year and a half later, he was earning less than US$ 300 thousand dollars (something like R$ 1,2 million reais).

    Durango leaves many players orphans

    By August 2019, Nexon was already determined to “kill” the game. Although the amount of downloads and players is significant, the game did not live up to the expectations of Nexon and its shareholders.

    It seems that Nexon expected the game to pass the 10 million download mark on Google Play easily. What did not happen.

    But I suspect Durango is that kind of game that is very good for the dedicated gamer. Maybe that was the "problem". Be a game that is not too appealing in terms of monetization.

    Source: DroidGamers

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