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    Ducktales Remastered for Android reappears on Gameloft's website for R$ 6,99

    Ducktales Remastered was removed from the app stores, but strangely, it resurfaced in the site da Gameloft. The game continues paid and offline, but the suggested price was much cheaper, only BRL 6,99.

    Ducktales Remastered, let it be clear, is the same released for consoles, PC and smartphones. This is a remastered version, with HD graphics, of a classic from the 80s.

    For those who don't know, Ducktales Remastered is an excellent platform game, premium and offline, that offers a very fun adventure. In this classic cartoon journey, the Grapple Brothers make another attempt to rob Scrooge. They end up kidnapping Hugo, Zezinho and Luizinho. It is then up to Uncle Scrooge to rescue his nephews and to recover some treasures.

    Ducktales Remastered was released for consoles and PC in 2013, in 2015 it received a version for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. But in 2018, the mobile versions were removed from app stores, and in the year 2019, the game was removed from Steam (PC).

    The classic resurfaced on the Gameloft website around December 25th, but I only noticed it now. After all, I don't usually go to the Gameloft website to see news.

    – How to buy Ducktales Remastered?

    To buy Ducktales Remastered – and also other offline games from site da Gameloft - you need to access smartphone website by 3G/4G. It's no use accessing the PC, as you will be redirected to another website.

    Make the purchase using 4G, then download the game via SMS sent over Wi-Fi or 4G. Be aware that the game weighs around 565 MB. If you download the game over 4G, this will consume your data plan.

    To buy the games, just access the website of

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