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    Dragonica: Android Game Gets “Fairy Tail” Version

    Dragonica it's a game for Android which was abandoned in Spain. But abroad, the game won a special edition with a character from the anime Fairy Tail. Dragonica is an RPG with hack'n slash gameplay and cute characters.

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    The South Korean version of Dragonica is fully in English and new dungeons with characters from Fairy Tail. After completing the initial tutorial, a character from the Fairy Tail anime, Mavis Vermilion. The Guildmaster will appear and summon you to a quest alongside the anime heroes.

    Now comes the bad part. To access the content, you need to use a VPN and point to any country (it can be the USA or Canada). Preferably put South Korea. Only then, it is possible to access the rest of the content related to the Fairy Tail anime.

    - Opinion

    It's sad to see that due to lack of licensing many anime games don't arrive in Spain. In addition, the developers seem to want to bring only the most mediocre games with the most cloying gameplay possible.

    Download Link in APK Pure (Needs VPN to play)

    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.2
    Language: English | Size: 62 MB

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