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    Dragon Raja is in pre-registration on Google Play in Spain

    One of the games with the best graphics today in the Android will arrive at Spain (España) soon. dragon raja, developed by Tencent and using the U, will reach the west by the hands of ZLOONG.

    The game is a futuristic RPG with a story focus. The game also has a lot of action and iconic characters. The Chinese version is free to download and play, with some cosmetic purchases or purchases that speed up game progression.

    The plot will be a little different from the Chinese version and there will be some differences in character modeling, but overall, it's pretty much the same game released in China a few months ago.

    Dragon Raja will arrive with English versions. The game will have 1.9 GB of data to download, but when unzipped on the cell phone, the game may need twice that space.

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    The game will focus on high-end devices and will most likely be available only to those who have a smartphone with a Snapdragon 835 processor, similar or higher processors.

    There is no planned release date yet.

    Pre-Registration Link.


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