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    Dragon Ball Legends: Bandai Namco presents new game for Android and iOS

    During a Google developer event, Bandai Namco presented the new Dragon Ball Z game, Dragon Ball Legends. the game for Android e iOS it will be a mix of fighting game and cardgame. See the gameplay below.

    Gameplay de Dragon Ball Legends.

    Got a hands-on preview of the new DragonBall Legends @DB_Legends mobile game, coming this summer to players worldwide from @BandaiNamcoUS – play in real-time vs players worldwide, 1-finger controls

    — Deb Aoki (@debaoki) 20 de março de 2018

    official trailer.

    Presentation at the Google event.

    As seen above, it is an online multiplayer fighting game with characters from Dragon Ball Z. According to the presentation, the game will be online, but there is no confirmation whether it will be real or asynchronous PvP (like Tekken Mobile). Legends will be a game with 3D graphics and despite the possibility of tapping to attack, there will be some "Tech cards" with more powerful moves, as in Tekken Mobile.

    The visuals are very nice, but as for the gameplay, there's not much to do, since the focus of these producers is a game where the mission is basically to collect characters. It's not better than those Chinese games that Toei licenses in China, but at least it's better than the crude Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle.

    According to the trailer, the game will be available in the summer in the northern hemisphere, which corresponds to the 21st of June until the 22nd of September. But it may be that we see the game on Android more blindly, thanks to the “APK of life”.

    Kind of “me”, but the look is cool! Mobile fighting game is no use being too complicated. It needs to be accessible so as not to alienate players. 

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