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    Dr. Mario World arrives in July for Android and iOS

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    Nintendo will bring Dr. Mario World. The game will arrive on July 10, will have versions for Android and iOS, and will be free to download and play.

    Despite being compared to a "Tetris", the Dr. Mario World revealed that the game looks more like a "Tetris to the averse", because instead of the pieces falling, they go up. Check out the trailer.

    The game will feature several other Nintendo characters, who will help Mario in the task of ending all viruses.

    Doctor Mario will have help from Peach, Luigi, Yoshi, Toady and even Bowser. The game will feature different worlds and will be divided into short and fun stages.

    Nintendo also announced that the game will feature constant updates with new scenarios.

    Dr. Mario World will be a free game, but it will offer in-app purchases in a different way. Instead of rampant monetization, the title will only offer an option to double the scores. But all content will be accessible for free.

    Nintendo Mobile

    As the only console maker, which also operates in the portable scenario, it is gratifying to see how Nintendo has been constantly releasing games for the mobile platform.

    Although the games are not conversions of the company's classics (which can very well be emulated). It's great to see that the focus on mobile continues.

    "The Doctor. Mario World can also be played together with friends and family around the world. Players can earn hearts from their teammates and use them in Stage mode.

    In Versus mode, players can increase the intensity by challenging others online for a real-time one-on-one showdown.” Explained Nintendo.

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    Dr. Mario World will be released for Android and iOS phones

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