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    Download Dungeon Hunter 4 now for (Android, iPhone and iPad)

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    Dungeon Hunter 4, the sequel to Gameloft's critically acclaimed “Diablo”-style roleplaying game, comes to Android, iPhone and iPad. Much criticized for the third version of the game, which was basically an arena game, this time Gameloft brought history, and a lot of history. There are 4 warrior classes to choose from and your mission is to save the Valen kingdom.

    Check out the first minutes of Dungeon Hunter 4 for Android and iOS. Gameloft kindly sent me the Dungeon Hunter 4 game for review. Tested on the iPad, the game was very good. The lags that appear in the video are from the recording program (Display Recorder).

    Dungeon Hunter 4 is confirmed to arrive this Thursday (11) for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.



    I received the Game before release, kindly sent by Gameloft. The graphics don't look as good as they should be, but the good thing about it is that the game is light, very light indeed. I played for hours and the battery was not even half full. It is not necessary to go online to play the game (an Order & Chaos: Duels annoyance).

    The commands are easy and the initial tutorial teaches the basics of evolving materials, amulets and purchasing items. Regarding the purchase of items, there are few weapons and armor to buy and as expected everything is absurdly expensive. Even potions cost 20 crystals and there's no way to get crystals in the game (at least I haven't seen them until now). The good news is that from time to time, the player gets free potions to continue the adventure.


    Link to download version of Android (Requires Android 2.3 or higher)

    Link to download version of iOS (*Freemium game, contain IAPs)


    [originally published April 10, 2013]

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