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    Does EA want to screw up FIFA 15 for mobile?

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    EA is well known in the mobile gaming world for screwing up some franchises. For those who have a short memory, let's recall two recent cases, Ultima e Dungeon keeper. These two games received quite negative receptions to the point that one of the directors at EA classified one of these games, in the case of Dungeon Keeper, as a disgrace!

    Far from the yay yay of “I'm downloading a 1.2GB game for free”. FIFA 15 coins (Android, iOS e Windows Phone) came with many problems and a quality that is inferior to the previous game, FIFA 14 coins. For us, the first casualty is the absence of Spanish teams, but FIFA 15 doesn't just have this negative point.

    As EA realized throughout the development of FIFA 13, players love the management system. With that in mind, the new FIFA 15 is fully focused on this aspect, but keeps the player in control of the experience, making it possible to control the team during matches. In FIFA 15 there are two main currencies, FIFA Points or Gold. Both of these resources are necessary to build a quality team, where the player can spend them by buying packs of cards from the players.

    This is where the previous FIFA recipe for success starts to go awry. In order for the player to enter the field, in-game coins are also spent, which means that the player has to be active so that his team has cash and makes the “machine spin”. However, everything goes downhill with the connection problems that currently afflict the football game.

    Imagine investing in a player, starting a game, almost winning and suddenly the connection drops, you lose your points and your players' status. It's pretty frustrating. As if that weren't enough, packages with FIFA Points are quite expensive. Something around R$ 16 reais, for a little package with three players and some status cards.

    But it doesn't stop there, there are several modifications in FIFA 15 that didn't please. They removed the dribble button, support for physical controls, there are no more matches against other players (which is really nonsense), the referee and flags are gone, there are no weather variations, they even removed the replay of each goal. FIFA 15 seems like an amazing game for the first 10 minutes, but then it falls into an impressive sameness. Even “amateur” games like Dream League Soccer have much more positive news.

    According to EA, the problem that affected some players and caused them to disconnect from the game has been fixed. But still, the game doesn't feature the minimal things, like an online friendly mode, which is practically an own goal.


    Source: Kotaku

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