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    Disney “kills” more than 40 games from the App Store and Google Play

    The world of mobile games is currently undergoing a transformation, and games with little demand are simply being “killed” by the studios. Disney Interactive Studios has confirmed that it will not update more than 40 games and that they can disappear from the app stores without warning.

    "While the decision was difficult to make, it will allow us to focus on building new, more engaging games," Disney said in its announcement.

    Purchase money, credits for virtual items, coins, or anything else you may have paid for will be refunded. Included in this list of games are games that are really memorable and worthy of being considered a piece of art, such as Monkey Island 1 e 2.

    In fact, many of these games are gone. The curiosity is that many of these games are from famous franchises such as Vingadores, Thor, Detona Ralph, Where is My Water and many others. Check out the full list below.

    • Avengers Initiative
    • Avengers Initiative Lite
    • Captain America Live Wallpaper
    • Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty
    • Disney Checkout Challenge
    • Disney Bola Soccer
    • Disney Hidden Worlds
    • Disney Infinity: Action!
    • Disney Photo Finish
    • Disney Pix
    • Disney Super Speedway
    • Disney XD Grand Prix
    • Fix-it Felix Jr.
    • Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack free and paid
    • Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon
    • Jelly Car 2
    • Jelly Car 3
    • JellyCar 3 Lite
    • Lone Ranger
    • Lost Light
    • Marvel: Avengers Alliance
    • Marvel Run Jump Smash!
    • Mittens
    • Mittens HD
    • Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: Le Chuck’s Revenge
    • Monsters, Inc.Run
    • Monsters U: Catch Archie
    • Phineas and Ferb Arcade
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas
    • PIXEL’D
    • PIXEL’D Plus
    • Stack Rabbit
    • Star Wars: Assault Team
    • Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
    • The Great Piggy Bank Adventure 
    • The Secret of Monkey Island
    • Thor: Son of Asgard
    • Toy Story Live Wallpaper
    • Toy Story: Smash It!
    • Where’s My Summer?
    • Where’s My Water? Featuring XYY
    • Winnie the Pooh Wallpaper
    • Wreck-it ralph

    This just shows two things. The first is that the big mobile game companies see their products as services and not as a product for sale.

    The second is the sea of ​​mobile games we live in. Often, good games “die”, simply by not appearing in the Top 10 of most downloaded or most wanted. The vast majority of cell phone users do not know how to look for good quality games, they just open the store and look for the most downloaded ones. An example of this is Google Play, where the weekly top of the store (not ours…rs) is always made up of fake or very low quality games.

    Fonte: Pocket Gamer

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