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    Did you see? Rangers of Oblivion is removed from Google Play and App Store

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    The news is not new, but we want to leave our record here. Rangers of Oblivion was removed from Google Play and App Store in March 2021. The game for Android and iOS was originally released in 2019 and marked players with impressive open world and good gameplay.

    The game bet on different combos for the player to assemble their own set with powerful weapons. Another difference was the way of hunting large monsters, with a “Monster Hunter” feel. Rangers of Oblivion began its "shutdown" process in February 2021.

    Server shutdown notification
    Dear Rangers,
    We regret to inform you that Rangers of Oblivion will close the European and US servers on March 31, 2021. From now until the end of March, the game will still receive regular maintenance to keep it running, but we will also start to close all options recharge, remove game from Appstore and Googleplay, prepare compensation plan for online players, etc. The exact date of each phase is listed below:
    Feb 24, releasing server shutdown notification
    March 11 Closing all game reload options
    March 11 – March 29 Compensation delivery to active players (detailed compensation plan will be released in the coming days)
    March 30 Removing app from Appstore, Googleplay and other platforms
    March 31 Closing European and US servers
    The Ranger of Oblivion was released in January 2019. Since then, we've seen several rangers entering Malheim, grabbing their first weapon and hunting their first giant. Then watch as you gradually become stronger by forging your weapons and armor, capturing new souls and hunting fiercer monsters. It's been 2 years of joy and we really don't want to say goodbye. But every story has its end, we just want to thank all the fans who have supported the game so far. We wish the Ranger Spirit could still live in you even when Malheim is no more.
    ROO team

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