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    Did you see? Oceanhorn 2 Golden Edition Update Launches on Apple Arcade

    O Apple's most successful Arcade game received a major update. we are talking about oceanhorn 2 which won the “Golden Edition” expansion. The game is free for users of iPhone e iPad Apple Arcade service subscribers.

    One of the most downloaded games on Apple's gaming service, Oceanhorn 2 impresses with jaw-dropping graphics and gameplay. With stunning visuals, the Cornfox & Brothers title offers open-world exploration, hack-and-slash combat, a variety of puzzles and quests that build into an action-packed 20-hour adventure.

    Located thousand years before the first Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas (also available on Android), Oceanhorn 2 follows the adventures of a young knight who, along with two other playable characters, begins a magical journey across vast regions of Gaia. His mission is to defend the lands and people of Arcadia from the army of Warlock Mesmeroth.

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    “We are working on and dramatically improving the gaming experience with this update, as well as expanding it with new content,” said Heikki Repo, Creative Director at Cornfox & Brothers. “The Golden Edition of Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is, in essence, the best and most accessible version of the game. And there is still more to come, so enjoy the Golden Edition and stay tuned!”

    The Golden Edition update brings two expansions: “Kronos Shield” and “Criminal Hunt”.

    The “Kronos Shield” is a new quest in a new dungeon that gives a shield that deflects projectiles, similar to the one in the first game. “Criminal Hunt” is a series of mini-side missions in which players chase down the thug Sirr Stingalot. and Baron Slimethorn.



    In addition to the new quests, at the request of the community, Cornfox & Brothers expanded the endgame with never-before-seen scenes, intertwining the two Oceanhorn chapters. Lastly, Oceanhorn 2 receives several graphical quality improvements and bug fixes, including an optional 60fps mode, a surprising new physics-based water simulation, revised menus, new dialogue, voice acting, etc.

    Oceanhorn 2 Golden Edition remains an iOS exclusive. The game is available for iPhone 7 or later and iPad 2018 or later. There is no release date for Android.

    App Store (IOS)

    Developer: Cornfox & Brothers Ltd.
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires iOS 13
    Language: Spanish | Size: 2.3 GB

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