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    Dice Duel: Social Game for Android and iOS Introduces the “Clubs”

    The mobile social game Dice Duel, the free online multiplayer version of the classic dice game, has grown in popularity in the years since 2015. There are many active players who compete by rolling the dice up to 3 million times a day. On average, a player spends 77 minutes a day playing Dice Duel.

    The 15-person production company is proud to introduce a new feature to the growing fan community: “The Clubs”. Make friends or just have fun with this free social game for Android iOS.

    Up to ten players can gather in the brand new Dice Duel clubs and go through special club missions together. The better the team spirit, the better the reward for all club members. Dice Duel players can create their own club and invite their friends or join a public club.

    The new feature, which was developed based on feedback from the fan community, is now available for Android devices. Just a few hours after the beta launch, over 6000 clubs were founded. Now players on iOS devices can also see why the game is even more fun in a group!

    Along with clubs, the big update also offers many more gameplay improvements: cups and dice can be customized, players can be rewarded for completing daily and weekly quests. Another minigame was introduced with the diamond wheel. Additionally, chat has been overhauled, support has been added for Apple Watch, and messaging has been customized on Android.

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