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    Diablo Immortal: streamer spends more than R$ 30 thousand and doesn't get legendary item

    Streamer Quin69 spent over 10 thousand New Zealand dollars (about BRL 30 thousand reais) em lootboxes em Immortal Diablol, hoping to earn a 5/5 legendary gem. Do you know how many he won? NONE!

    Lootboxes in Diablo Immortal can cost up to R$550 reais. (Photo: Reproduction).

    New Zealand Twitch streamer Quintin “Quin69” Crawford spent over $10.000 (not US Dollars, New Zealand Dollars) on Blizzard Entertainment's new mobile game Diablo Immortal and received no Legendary Gems.

    With odds of around 1 to 2000, i.e. 0.05% chance, the 5-star legendary gem algorithm proved to be quite broken and greedy.


    Check out our review of the game here.


    Even exceeding the odds a lot, Quin69 didn't get that legendary 5-star gem. According to him, the way is now open to spend US$ 20 New Zealand dollars.

    The New Zealand streamer first gained notoriety a few days ago during one of his Diablo Immortal streams, where he spent over $4.000 without receiving a single 5-star legendary gem. Now, that number has risen to exactly $10.335,51, and still no sign of such legendary gems. Bad luck or a very greedy algorithm?

    “I spent $10 and got nothing,” Quin69 shouted on the broadcast after yet another failed attempt to acquire a legendary gem. “This is a great game! Incredible as fuck! Blizzard should be proud!”

    See the video streamer's reaction below (link):

    As a content producer, it is clear that Quin69 took “bad luck” as a joke. After all, this type of content generates a lot of views, and it can get some or all of the money back.

    According to the website getonstream, in an attempt to be one of the “whales” of the game, that is, one of the most powerful players on the server, Quin69 has already spent US$ 84.818 New Zealand dollars, something around R$ 265 thousand reais.


    Fonte: InvenGlobal


    Released on June 2, Diablo Immortal was erroneously classified as "non-pay to win" by several fans who were delighted with the hours of free gameplay offered at the beginning of the game. In our review, we covered the dangers of falling into such traps and then finding yourself trying to mentally bargain over whether or not to spend large amounts of money on the game.

    Note: Yes, it's your money, and it's this muggle mentality that mobile game companies count on when launching games with lootboxes with random chances.

    I invite you to take a look at this video (turn on subtitles) that tells the story of lootboxes in Team Fortress 2 and CS:GO games.



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