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    Devs set out for full mobile gaming appeal!

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    sex games for android are not new, but the differential of this news are big names in the mobile games market that seem to want to invest more and more in this niche.

    With the absurd amount of mobile games that are released daily, some developers decided to “appeal” with content suggestive of sex in their mobile games.

    This past week, we had two controversial releases on Android: HIT 2, Goddness of Victory Nikki and Rise of Eros. The latter was not even released on Google Play.

    You must be thinking: “ah, but this has always existed, it's small companies that make these games”. Not quite, the games you'll see below are from well-known companies like Nexon and even Tencent.


    HIT 2 (Nexon)

    HIT 2 (Heroes of the Incredible Tales 2) is the sequel to the 2015 game that was highly cult for being one of the first to use the Unreal Engine 4 on Android and iOS.

    In the game, female characters wear very short clothes showing their private parts and doing dances and sexual innuendo.

    So far no problem. The point is that one race in particular has female characters that look like children. These characters strike sensual poses showing off their private parts, a grotesque spectacle to say the least.

    Yes, the character already existed in the 2015 version, and was already wearing short clothes, but in HIT 2, Nexon decided to go a little “beyond”.



    Goddess of Victory Nikki (Level Infinite)

    This time none other than Leve Infinite / Tencent intends to launch the game Goddess of Victory Nikki in the West and part of Asia (since China cannot).


    The Google Play trailer obviously doesn't show anything, but the gameplay is quite different.

    In the game, plus a gacha for a change, female characters wear short clothes and shoot enemies.

    The strange part here is the camera angle always focusing on the back of the characters, because with the recoil of the weapons, their clothes suffer a strange effect and demonstrate an unrealistic physics.

    Again, the design of some characters that look like minors draws attention here.

    Goddess of Victory Nikki is even pre-registered on Google Play in Spain.


    These two examples of games from famous producers make it clear that the search for the public is increasingly “intense”. Even big game publishers are willing to risk their names for one more download or a few million more.

    Appealing to a young male audience in this way has long been done by anime and even MMORPGs. However, the strange thing is the emphasis on characters who look like minors.


    Rise of Eros (EroLabs)


    And to finish an example of how they should launch these games focused on the +18 audience.

    Rise of Eros is an online RPG developed by the Erolabs studio and which has become well known in recent days, thanks to the videos made by most mobile youtubers.

    Just to be clear, you will NOT find this game on Google Play at all, its APK is only present on the game's website.

    Rise of Eros is focused on turn-based combat with girls who aren't in sexy poses, are actually naked and lose their clothes during combat.

    The game calls itself “AAA”, but that could just be an indication of the onomatopoeias that the characters speak when they get naked.


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