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    Devil May Cry Mobile: The new beta has started! Download the APK!

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    Devil May Cry Mobile (Pinnacle of Combat) has started a new beta test in China. The game is surprising players for its size: almost 7 GB! Here's How to Download and Play! The game is free!

    The game can only be played by fans in China or by anyone who has a Chinese mobile number, but it is possible to “borrow a number on the internet”. See how to do it!

    First download the APK. You can also download it from the official website.


    then go on this site and use the number shown there. Choose one of the numbers (by the flag) and open its page.

    Copy the number and paste it into the game to send the SMS. The SMS will appear there on the Chinese number page. copy the code and start playing.

    The game does not need a VPN. Just use a Chinese number to register in the game and start testing this wonder.

    [ NOTICE: THE GAME IS CURRENTLY WITH A LIMITED NUMBER OF TESTERS. The game gives an error asking you to register the next day. Try doing this during the early hours of the morning in China (around 13pm here.]

    Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat is aimed at Chinese audiences, and is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2020 (October November or December). Pre-registration on the official website is here. 

    Although the game is entirely in Chinese, some parts, such as the dialogues, have English subtitles. This may indicate a studio interest in releasing the game in the west.

    It's also worth checking out the game's page on Tap Tap. and register for pre-registration there.

    Even though the game is not yet available for download through TapTap, this is the best way to show developers the interest in the global release of the game. (You can see Yunchang Game's interest in releasing the game globally, the producer is even sponsoring some western channels on Youtube to promote the game. It seems that they are depending only on Capcom's "endorsement").

    Site oficial do game:

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