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    Deus EX: The Fall for Android is released [Updated]

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    The launch of Deus EX: The Fall for Android was marred by yet another fiasco. Something that has become common on the Android platform, as were the releases of GTA San Andreas e Final Fantasy VI. Only this time, Square-Enix announced the launch of the game to all sites. There are reports that the game was online on Google Play for a few hours, but due to several negative reviews it was pulled from the store.

    The most tragic thing is that it was not an accidental release, as the game's official channel posted a launch video of the game today, in its Android version.

    Story Summary: Square Enix must have uploaded the game to Google Play, and due to the numerous negative ratings, probably due to some bug, pulled the game from the store. An extremely amateurish attitude, since in the “Google Play Developer Console” it is possible to define with which devices the game will appear as compatible. Why didn't they just define the smartphones and tablets on which the game was tested at the producer?

    Deus EX: The Fall is a first-person shooter that takes the player to a futuristic scenario where human beings are given cybernetic implants and are controlled by mega-corporations. The Fall is a Spin-Off of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, game released in 2011 for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

    The solution is to wait and see if the game's download link comes back online. access the link here.

    [UPDATE 23/01/2014]

    The game has finally resurfaced on Google Play and is now compatible with a large number of smartphones. Your price is around R$ 20,00 reais.

    [originally published January 22, 2014]

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