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    Dead Cells in pre-registration on Android

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    Released on iOS in August 2019, Dead Cells is in pre-registration on Android. It's not pre-registered on Google Play yet. In fact, the producer Playdigius opened registration on its official website. When registering there, the player is notified when the game reaches Google Play.

    Basically it's a register to let you know when the game is released on Android, which basically ends up being the same thing. It is also a good idea to register on the Playdigius website to be selected for the game's beta test.

    Dead Cells is a “Metroidvania” style action game that has enchanted players for its mechanics of facing death. The game literally doesn't die, it just goes back to the beginning and loses a lot of items.

    The game came to iPhone and iPad in Spanish and with controller support. Everything indicates that the Android version will also arrive like this.

    Official website:

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