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    Dead 4 Returns: new zombie shooter made in Unreal Engine 4 (Android and iOS)

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    Dead 4 Returns is a new shooting game with zombies that will be released soon on mobile devices. formerly called Project: Gaia, the game is expected to start its beta test this month (January) on Android.

    Built on Unreal Engine 4, Dead4Returns allows players to fight zombies on a detailed map. It looks like a Battle Royale, but in reality, the game will have cooperative and single player modes.

    No news since January 2021, the game's official page was updated again in November last year.

    The first test phase of the renewed Dead 4 Returns will be this January. Just looking at the gameplay it looks like a mix between Left4Dead and PUBG Mobile. But it's good to wait for the beta test to start to get the first impressions.

    Note from the game's production team on Tap Tap.

    Hello guys! I'm the producer of [Dead 4 Returns], Boss. Nice to meet you all!

    We are a group of game developers from all over the world, we are also big fans of shooting games. Based on that, our aspiration is to create a high quality global shooter. When we learned that TapTap is an important window for players to interact with R&D in China, we decided to present some of our achievements here.

    (Note: the current version is still at an early stage, there will be some inevitable issues, please excuse me, but all comments and suggestions are welcome.)

    First of all, I would like to briefly introduce the idea of 鈥嬧媡his game: we are based on the development of the UE4 engine of a multiplayer shooter. Under the premise of ensuring high quality graphics, we have high resolution firearms, brilliant world views, exciting shooting experience, online co-op mode and so on. At the same time, we still strive to challenge for better performance, bigger maps, more interesting interactions, and greater freedom.

    As the project progresses, we will be presenting our development achievements on TapTap from time to time, including game testing, art settings, design ideas, etc. Due to technical issues and time constraints, we are still optimizing the game performance, but we promise everyone can experience better game versions in the future.
    We plan to launch the first test in January 2022. We hope that all shooting game fans will pay close attention to our game. Anyway, enjoy your adventure!

    For now, there is still no release date for Spain, but it seems that this Chinese game will be updated to English, which is already a good sign.


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