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    Days of Decay: game arrives to renew the formula of “Last Day on Earth”

    Days of Decay follows the formula of Last Day on Earth. A survival game where crafting is more important than fighting monsters. The difference in Days of Decay is that it already has a robust online mode and difficult bosses.

    The game is currently in testing on Android. Days of Decay really looks like an evolution of “Last Day on Earth” by bringing much more content and not leaving the user stuck in an impossible challenge (does anyone remember what it was like to ride the bike in 2017?).

    Trailer de Days of Decay


    The story of Days of Decay takes place in 2028. Humanity has already discovered life on Mars. A renowned scientist called only Doctor X, began research to develop on Earth the microscopic organisms found on Mars. Of course, the search would go terribly wrong.

    Six months later, monsters escape quarantine and start attacking people in Oasis City. Your character wakes up alone with nothing in the middle of a desert full of monsters. Now the mission is to find out what happened.

    The “world building” of the Days of Decay plot isn't the best, but the focus is really on crafting and exploration, and in that the game gets it right.

    Already arriving with online multiplayer is the great differential of Days of Decay. The mode took years to reach Last Day on Earth. Another big difference is the greater focus on combat with bosses. Something that can attract a lot of fans of this style of game.

    Download on Google Play

    Developer: DOD.GAME
    Advertising: Yes | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4
    Language: English | Size: 200MB


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