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    DarkBind: long-awaited Action MMORPG now has an English version (APK)

    DarkBind is an Action MMORPG with amazing 3D graphics. Produced by NetEase, the game for Android and iOS won an English version that can now be played via APK.

    DarkBind is in global beta testing. That means just downloading the APK to test the game.

    DarkBind, a mobile Action MMORPG game, will start a closed beta test today!
    In the Great Darkness, Calamity comes, and the Voidlings are emerging with a heavy murderous aura. Time to grab your weapon, cut through this infinity, destroy the void and save the world!
    Your grand epic in the eternal world is starting today!
    鈥籘he Beta Product is still in the development and experimental phase. Beta program participants must agree to maintain confidentiality and not disclose it to third parties. Posting videos or recorded images related to beta content is prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation and support!

    In fact, the game is an MMORPG and has battles with impressive visuals that refer to console games. However, as this is an online game, the game may become quite grinding in the future.

    But what has really caught the players' attention are the hack'n slash combats with a style reminiscent of Dark Souls. But just remember.

    Dark Bind has small dungeons that you will explore to acquire resources to evolve your character.

    A positive aspect of the game is the absence of buttons for automatic combat. There's not even an auto-quest.


    The graphics are also very beautiful and demonstrates all of NetEase's excellence in flashy games with a visual that looks like a console (I said looks, I don't mean it's the same).

    DarkBind is in global beta testing and is expected to be released for Android and iOS later this year 2022.

    Download Link

    *To play the Dark Bind English beta test, you must use a VPN with a server in the US or Canada.

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