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    Dark Souls for smartphones comes up against platform incompatibilities

    Many PC and console games of late seem to only care about numbers and realistic graphics, as is the case with the Call of Duty series, which simply repeats the same thing with each new release. But there are also those games that seek to offer an unforgettable experience to the player. The RPG Dark Souls, for example, is often remembered by its fans as one of the best games they've ever played.

    But if you ever want to know or remember this experience on your mobile device, it's best not to get your hopes up. Alex Adjaj, director of global strategy for mobile devices at Namco Bandai, cited in a recent interview with Digital Spy the reasons why there is not (and should not be anytime soon) a mobile version of this game.

    The first of them is the lack of interest of developers who have their attention exclusively focused on consoles and who do not care about cell phones and tablets. The bosses of the franchise are also against mobile devices because they are touch screen and require more casual gameplay. “The game would have to be changed, and if it changes, it's no longer Dark Souls,” says Alex.

    Another problem is the fact that supposedly only a part of the public would be interested in the game. According to the studio, Dark Souls would not appeal to the Asian audience, which is increasingly growing in the market and has a great weight in Nanco Bandai's decisions. "It's complicated. To launch a game for mobiles, we need to think about everyone and not just a minority willing to buy it”, declared the director who ended up showing a lack of interest in the profitability of the platform: “You can make something like XCOM and sell it for $19,99 , but to be honest, it's not something that interests us. We are talking about two to four million revenue, very little for a company like Namco Bandai and for a franchise like Dark Souls.”

    In the interview there are moments when Alex passes an image of optimism, as when he said: “We can certainly bring Dark Souls to mobiles very successfully”, but analyzing all the aforementioned impediments, it's hard to believe.

    I personally think that if they were to release something banal like a copy of Infinity Blade, it would really be better if they didn't.

    Sources: Digtal Spy e Josytiq

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