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    Dark Minute is a “dark” platformer for Android and iOS

    Dark Minute: Kira’s Adventure is newest platform release mobile devices. The game was released in early March with versions for Android and iOS. But Dark Minute is not exactly a new game, it was released for PC in January of this year.

    Priced at just R$11,99 on Android and R$10,90 on iOS, Dark Minute is a cute adventure set in complete darkness. The name is no accident. You need to solve the puzzle in each level in less than a minute, otherwise the challenge increases.

    In the game's story, we follow the adventures of Kira, a young woman who explores mysterious places in order to discover what happened to humanity. A big secret awaits the player in this mix of Puzzle and Platform.

    A single player narrative gameplay in a dark retro tale of exploring an alternate history of humanity and the main character.

    • More than 100 dark levels.
    • After 60 seconds the light turns off…
    • You need to find 3 power cells to open the exit.
    • How will the gameplay be? Will you discover all the secrets? It's just up to you!
    • Discover unknown dungeons, explore mazes and underwater quests!
    • Hard to get rudimentary information about humanity's past - only for the bravest players.
    • Big and BIG levels!

    Video with gameplay of the mobile version below:

    There are about 101 stages with many challenges. However, the gameplay can sound a little repetitive. I also missed the lighting effects of the PC version, which has a big impact on the game's gameplay, which is all based on light vs shadow.



    Developer: Koval Games
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 7.0 / iOS 11
    Language: Spanish | Size: 141MB

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