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    Dark Avenger 3: Android game test starts with console graphics

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    Dark Avenger 3 is the new version of yet another instance RPG by Nexon. The game for Android, as well as HIT and other games from the producer, has jaw-dropping graphics and console visuals. Released only in South Korea, the game is in beta testing in that country.

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    Those who live in Spain can test the game, but watch out for disconnections and the entire interface in Korean. Dark Avenger 3 has as its main highlight a great visual appeal. Using the Unreal Engine 4, the game features even more beautiful graphics than HIT e Heroes Genesis. It even looks like a next-gen console game.

    Impressive graphics, but still, the game is very light. Just have an intermediate smartphone like a Moto G4 to be able to enjoy the game with good quality.

    The game is still in testing, but it already has some elements worthy of the most current MMOs. The interface for creating and customizing characters is something reminiscent of PC games like Black Desert.

    Dark Avenger 3 follows the scheme of online RPGs from producer Nexon. Short phases and focus on character evolution. There will be PvP arenas where players can fight at will.

    If the game is released in the west (the probability is high) it will be a strong competitor to games from Western companies like Gameloft (and its Iron Blade). Dark Avenger 3's graphics are by far one of the most impressive visuals seen on mobile in 2017.

    The closed beta test of Dark Avenger 3 goes to the April 13 day. Dark Avenger 3 is scheduled to be released later this year and will have versions for Android and iOS. Below is the download link for the game on Android.

    link to download


    [originally published April 10, 2017]

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