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    Dark Arena Breakout: Tencent's new game starts its second beta test

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    Announced during the ChinaJoy 2021 gaming expo, Dark Arena Breakout is Tencent's newest shooter, which doesn't hide its inspirations to create this new game.

    For those who are already familiar with Escape From Tarkov, by Battlestate Games, where the main objectives are to explore the scenarios; collect resources, items and equipment; leave the scenario alive and improve equipment and skills with the items collected, this new FPS will be very welcome, if you like a similar approach.

    So, we already have a good idea of 鈥嬧媤hat to expect from Dark Arena Breakout. The FPS will have several elements that will remind you of famous franchises like EA's Battlefield and Activation's Call of Duty. Also, players will need to be very careful as others will try to kill you to survive and become unbeatable. Check out some gameplay from the closed beta test.

    Another interesting feature is local damage, where players' body members have a "life" of their own, where damage caused by players can affect different parts of the body (such as leg, arm, etc), making survival difficult. As in Escape From Tarkov, Tencent's new shooter will require a lot of strategy from players in addition to a good rationing of resources.

    The game is pre-registered on the TapTap website, both for Android and IOS, and has more than 50 pre-registrations. Dark Arena Breakout has a good rating on the site, with 284 user reviews and an average rating of 8.6/10.

    Already in the beta test, Tencent did not indicate which regions would be available on the game page, only China and Taiwan.

    So far, the game has only simplified Chinese as the available language, has in-app purchases (which almost confirms that it's not a premium game, it's free), requires a network connection and has not yet been revealed what the requirements are. systems needed to run it on your device.

    Source: TapTap

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