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    Cyber ​​Space is a new Battle Royale for Android and iOS

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    The newest Cyberpunk Battle Royale called Cyber ​​Space entered CBT (closed beta test) last Wednesday (26). The game is in early access on Google Play, but unfortunately only in the US region.

    Produced using Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine, Cyber ​​Space is a TPS (Third Person Shooter) and Battle Royale that brings themed elements of Cyberpunk and technology.

    The main highlight of the game are the prostheses called Cyberware, where players will be able to modify parts of the character's body with robotic modifications. The prostheses will be able to replace five parts of the body: heads, hands, legs, skin and trunk, with 15 different prostheses, each with a unique ability and improvements.

    These prostheses are divided into four grades, white, blue, purple and gold. Also, Battle Royale allows players to combine these prosthetics freely.

    In terms of gameplay, Cyber ​​Space Studios, developer and publisher of the game, promises relatively quick matches, lasting an average of 20 minutes each, in addition to a fast pace. For now, the game can be played in teams of four, and later the famous “duo” and “solo” modes will be available.

    The developers also mentioned “Cyber-Monsters” which will be enemies that will try to finish off players. There are several types of monsters ranging from mechanical dogs, self-destructive robots, among others. Players who face these creatures will be able to enjoy rarer and bulkier loot. And since we're talking about Battle Royale, most of the time we have firearms and Cyber ​​Space will be no different. It will be possible to carry up to two weapons in your inventory and they will be divided into white, blue, purple and gold rarities, as well as prosthetics.

    Gameplay video (credits channel 7LGameplay):

    It is worth remembering that the game is in early access only in the US region and does not yet have a release date, but we know that the game is only available for Android.

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