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    Cyber ​​Hunter Launches Globally for Android and iOS

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    NetEase released two Battle Royales at once. After Ride Out Heroes, Cyber ​​Hunter was also released. The latter is a futuristic BR that had similarities to Fortnite. That's right, it had.

    The game arrived in Spain last month, still in testing, but this week it was released on Android. The iOS version arrives only this Thursday (25).

    For now the servers in Latin America are not yet available, so users are still experiencing high ping issues. See the servers start date.

    • Latin America: April 25 – 09:00(UTC -3)
    • North America: April 25 – 09:00(UTC -4)
    • Europe: April 25 – 12:00 (UTC +2)
    • Japan: April 25 – 12:00 PM (UTC +9)

    - Changes

    Cyber ​​Hunter left many of its similarities to Fortnite that we saw in the beta back in 2018. The game currently looks more like a “futuristic Free Fire with better graphics”.

    The building system has been simplified to the maximum and is currently limited to barricades.

    These changes, it seems, are due to the fact that NetEase has “resurrected” FortCraft under another name. The game turned Buildtopia and has a different battle mode than a traditional Battle Royale. see more about it here.

    Despite these changes, apparently for the worse, Cyber ​​Hunter did very well in its tests and Soft Launch. Last month the game got 2 million downloads without even being officially released. A good result for a game still in testing.

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    – The difference compared to other Battle Royale

    Cyber ​​Hunter has some mechanics that are very different from other Battle Royale games.

    The highlight is the movement of the characters that can glide through the air and climb walls.

    In addition, there is a wide variety of weapons such as fire rifles, freezes, see enemies through walls system (as if it were a hack), instant healing and much more.

    Download Link (IPHONE)

    Download Link (ANDROID)

    Developer: NetEase Games
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 9.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 1.3GB

    Page not Facebook:

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