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    Cuphead mobile APK, game receives unofficial version for Android

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    And it happened. After numerous fangames, Cuphead won a port not official em APK to Android.

    The mobile version, dubbed only “Cuphead Mobile” is a full port from the PC version with all phases.

    Cuphead's Android port was made by the same developer as the Hollow Knight port, a programmer who owns a YouTube channel called Dan Cooper. Despite the name, the programmer is apparently Russian. As scheduled on their Discord server, the port is still in an early stage of development.

    Example of the unofficial port of Cuphead running on an Android emulator (Bluestacks).

    How is the Cuphead mobile port level?

    As stated above, the Cuphead Android port is a modification of the PC version.

    Unlike Cuphead fan games, this port has all stages of the game. In fact, some people are sharing saves from the original game that work in this version and unlock all stages.

    Apparently, the developer has ported the code to the mobile version of Unity.

    The port is still not perfect. To be able to run it, you must have a smartphone with at least 4 GB of RAM.

    But even if your smartphone is powerful, this port still has asset errors with some enemies showing only their silhouette.

    This version has on-screen commands, but also supports Bluetooth controls.

    Watch a gameplay video of the unofficial mobile port of Cuphead:


    Cuphead mobile APK IS NOT OFFICIAL

    The port, despite many people calling it “official”, is actually something totally illegal.

    Yes, it is a complete version of the game, but it is worth remembering that this version is not licensed by the real developers of the game, the MDHR studio.

    But this serves as a reminder for indie developers not to ignore the mobile platform for too long.


    *For obvious reasons we will not link to the port, as it contains a complete version of the game, this would be considered piracy.

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