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    Cuphead Mobile APK for Android? Is it worth downloading?

    Cuphead Mobile (beta) is a game created by fans with the aim of bringing the popular indie game to smartphones. The APK, despite being in testing, shows a lot of potential and brings much of Cuphead's fun to mobile phones.

    The game is a bit cumbersome and requires at least a current basic Android phone. You need at least an Adreno 450 GPU, 1.8GHz processor and 1.5GB of RAM.

    The most recent version of the game is beta 6.1, which brings news such as: several stages, bosses and even the possibility of parrying, as in Cuphead on consoles.

    It is worth remembering that Cuphead Mobile APK is a “fangame” without any connection with the official game.

    Last update changelog:

    List of changes (Beta 6 and 6.1):

    -Added by Calamity Joint Joint
    – Added Mausoleum
    -Added Super Art I
    -Best Cuphead animations
    – 8-way Cuphead report
    Improved Floral Fury (Harder)
    -More particles added
    -O Acorn Maker já serve no Run n ‘Gun
    -Pause improved, nothing moves while the game is paused
    -Parry has improved, like in the original game (Harder)
    -Fixed various bugs (see discord server)
    Improvement improvements
    -Chart of selection of powers, shots and super art
    Functional storage system
    -Results screen at the end of each level
    -New motion controls
    -Red or yellow flag, depending on the qualification obtained in each boss
    -Added extra HEART hit point in store
    -Complete tutorial
    -Lettered do tutorial
    -Added additions
    -Delete item is now displayed correctly
    -Added SPREAD SHOT in store
    -Brief pause when parrying (As in the original game)
    Header animation when leaning
    -net screen
    - Airplane tutorial
    -Improved Goopy
    -Improved the level selection map, with regard to controls and Bugs
    -Camera movement on all levels
    -Adjustments now in-game
    -New in-game contrast adjustment
    -Game info screen changes
    -Improved Run n' Gun
    -All options in the game menu
    Improved cuphead animations on the map
    -Me sounds added
    -More cooldown on Cagney before doing the upper or lower face attack
    -Now the parrys fill the cards for the super beam
    -Ads removed
    -Music of death same as the original
    Improved improvements to the Run N' Gun piranha plant
    -Ex movement equal to PC
    -Inter Studio MDHR added to the game
    -More advertiser sounds
    -Foyers closed at the beginning of the game
    -Parry em Goopy

    – Is it worth downloading?

    Free, offline and very similar to the original. It's really worth downloading the APK and getting to know Cuphead Mobile. Of course, at any time the project can be closed by Studio MDHR.

    But I believe that if the developer leaves the game just free and without any kind of monetization and ads, the indie studio can see it as a tribute and leave the game as is, or even call the developer to work on the official mobile version. This has already happened with Castlevania on Java phones.

    Cuphead Mobile is surprisingly fluid, running at 60 fps. The controls are simple and the gameplay is very similar to the original. The game does not support Bluetooth controller, but it is possible to use Octopus to create compatibility.

    Link to Download the APK

    Developer: Skailo Games
    Advertising: No | offline
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 4.4
    Language: English | Size: 233MB

    [originally published June 19, 2019]

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